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‘Fevicol’,Kareena’s item song in Dabangg 2

Kareena's item number in 'Dabangg 2' called 'Fevicol'

So it has been finally revealed that Kareena Kapoor’s upcoming item number in the movie ‘Dabangg 2′ is going to be called ‘Fevicol’. After months of specualation and aniticipation as to the name of the song, the team of ‘Dabangg2′ has come out and announced the name. ¬†But it seems that following the controversy with ‘Munni Badnaam hui’ for which a medical brand ‘Zhandu Balm’ had dragged Arbaaz to court for using its brand name without the company’s permission, has made Arbaaz think twice before going on with ‘Fevicol’.

‘Fevicol’ happens to be a product name of an adhesive. And for that reason as a compromise with ‘Zhandu’ makers had reached post release of the film where the parties ended up in a lucrative deal with Malaika performing the song for ‘Zhandu’ advertisements. For this very reason Arbaaz has taken precautions of negotiating with Fevicol before hand.¬†Kareena started shooting the ‘Fevicol’ song from November 5 onwards.

This is the first time Kareena returns to the arclights after her much-hyped wedding on October 18.The idea is to use the Dabangg franchise as a platform for an endorsement-based item song each time. It was ‘Zandu balm’ in Dabangg , it’s ‘Fevicol’ in Dabangg 2. It would be another popular product in the next film. Confirming these development Arbaaz Khan took time off from his frantic editing to say, “Yes,we’re tying up with an adhesive company for Kareena Kapoor’s item song Fevicol. But the brand won’t be thrown into the audiences’ faces . It’s been sung in a very earthy way by Mamta Sharma ,so that it sounds like ‘ Phebikol’ in the number.”